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In this blog, we’ll be discussing the burning questions which surround captive portals and explaining how they work within marketing and business processes. What is a captive portal? A captive portal is a web or splash page displayed before end-users can authenticate onto WiFi (another examples being services or servers, etc), typically by using a…

There is a wide range of SaaS services available on the market, which even entrepreneurs and small companies can afford in order to attract potential customers and increase sales. What is SaaS? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. To put it simply, it is any service for Internet users. “Google Drive”, Facebook, Viber, Office…

Christmas in July

Are you starting to think about your plans for the upcoming holiday season?  Many other retailers are. A bumper 2021 holiday season?  The 2020 holiday season was like none that we’ve ever experienced before. Rather than the hustle and bustle of visiting physical stores, we were all forced to limit our holiday shopping to mainly…

Our 4 key takeaways from the 2015 Mobile Shopping Report

  According to Tech 21, 50% of consumers would rather leave home without their wallet than without their phone. And it’s not surprising when we consider what mobile devices are now capable of. We can browse online stores, compare prices and make purchases online all via our phones. We can even pay for smaller items…

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