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How much personal information would you share?

One of the current debates about WiFi and social media sites is the debate on privacy and how much information should be available for other people to see and use. Would you be prepared to share everything that you wrote by text, posted on social media sites, or even in a phone call? The advice…

What do Google and the Tech Giants know about us?

Is ignorance bliss? Or would better understanding of technology alleviate our privacy concerns? Are we over-sharing our data? Facebook’s study about emotional contagion in June of this year raised questions about privacy, consent and how much data we’re sharing online without even knowing. The data scientists behind the study deliberately manipulated the news feeds of almost 700,000…

10 top tips for hotels to get more from social media

How do I use social media to boost business? This is a question that could apply to many sectors but within the fiercely competitive hotel industry, social media is something that generates lots of debate and some action, with varying degrees of success. There are some hotel brands that implement their social engagement strategy brilliantly,…


New resale agreement for Purple WiFi e92plus, the award winning VAD (Value Added Distributor), have signed up innovative social WiFi provider, Purple WiFi, which will see the addition of cloud-based guest wireless and location analytics solutions to its growing portfolio of wireless solutions. The market for Wi-Fi continues to grow significantly, with drivers such as…

Social media usage around the world

I know what you’re thinking. Another social media blog post. Bear with me here. There’s a reason that they are so prolific in the blogosphere, and that’s because social media is one of the most vital aspects of  mass communication today. It’s one of the most prolific and abundant means of getting across what we…

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