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The SaaS landscape can be a complex place for marketers to navigate, that’s why we have put some ideas together to help you with SaaS marketing.  How is SaaS marketing different?  Unlike marketing a physical product, such as a car or watch, SaaS marketing can be difficult as you’re selling something that’s intangible, people can’t…

Well, that’s Glastonbury festival over and done with for another year, and I’m sure many of your social media news feeds have been swamped with selfies, videos and ‘wish you were here’ snaps. But this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. The way festival goers enjoy and engage with global music festivals has certainly evolved,…

We’re delighted to officially unveil our brand-new LogicFlow feature which allows marketing teams to take customer engagement to a whole new level. It’s a simple to use drag and drop builder, that lets you set up complex, multi-staged marketing campaigns within minutes. With this enhanced feature, you can trigger an ‘action’, such as an e-Shot,…

How the Internet of things influences the marketing landscape The Internet of things, in case you haven’t heard, is the interconnectivity of digital devices. This gives marketing a great power since the IoT is an opportunity for real-time engagement and customer service. It is such exciting news for the industry that over half of the…

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