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Why think when you can sync?

  There have been many claims to suggest that when we give our brain a good workout we can improve cognitive ability and even improve memory. However, with today’s smartphones and access to the internet, we can store everything we need to know in one handset. We wondered whether this means we use our memories…

Why we love selfies

  8 things we’ve learnt about selfies 1 ) A picture tells a thousand words Thanks to connectivity and being ‘always on’ we can take a picture almost any time, any place, anywhere and immediately post it to one of many social media accounts. Hence the current fascination and trend for taking selfies: ‘Selfies are…

How important is WiFi in daily life?

If you were asked to rate the following in order of things you wouldn’t be able to live without, where do you think internet/ WiFi would be placed? Family / Friends Coffee and tea Laptop / tablet Bath / shower Car Pet TV Mobile phone Chocolate You might be surprised to find that it was…

How WiFi has changed the world

Life before the Internet Despite the fact that many of us experienced life before WiFi, it has become virtually impossible to imagine our personal and working lives without it. Being connected to the internet means we can achieve things far quicker and more efficiently than in the past: handwritten letters sent via post have been…

Does WiFi make us more or less sociable

I love my mobile phone! An interesting social media article by David Murton posed the question – Is WiFi making us less sociable? David says: “We now live in a culture in which someone on your screen is actually physically closer to you, two dimensionally anyway, than the three dimensional people sitting around you in a…

Are we getting dangerously attached to our mobile devices?

Although the story of Ella Birchenough is quite an amusing one, it’s a slightly worrying indication of what we might risk to save our smartphones from any harm. Ella Birchenough was so desperate not to be without her mobile phone that after dropping it down a drain she jumped straight in to try to save…


Are we near the time when your mobile phone is literally an extension of oneself? It is close to being the only thing you need to leave the house with. As we become ever reliant on that smart little box, things are about to improve: 1. Smart Phones can open doors This is true.  When…

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