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It’s been revealed that by 2020 there will be 21 billion connected devices invading our lives. A pretty mind-boggling stat, right? And considering the fact that mobile users spend 90% of their time on apps, it’s no surprise that restaurants are zoning in on this digital emergence. The likes of McDonald’s and Subway are already…

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Since its early beginnings in 2000, the review giant TripAdvisor has eclipsed the travel, tourism, res-taurant, and leisure industries; now in 2017, TripAdvisor’s famous review bubbles represent over 7 million businesses across the globe, with 500 million reviews and counting. Undoubtedly, there are a wealth factors contributing to TripAdvisor’s success, but it’s their consum-er-driven platform…

Purple and Smarter WiFi stir up business for Wok&Go
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, Smarter WiFi and TP-Link have today announced their collaboration with Wok&Go, serving its thousands of diners across the UK with a seamless WiFi connection. Wok&Go, the popular noodle bar franchise, sought the services of Purple and Smarter WiFi having realised that free connectivity was something that paying diners now expect….

WiFi in bars and restaurants: Enhancing customer experience [Infographic]
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Here at Purple, we’re always excited to learn how customer experience is being shaped by WiFi across different sectors. So, we set out to survey over 1,000 people about how they use WiFi in bars and restaurants and the results were conclusive. The provision of free WiFi in bars and restaurants increases customer satisfaction and…

The Future of Bars and Restaurants - the lowdown
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  Last Friday we welcomed guests from the bar and restaurant industry to an exclusive event at Gilgamesh in Camden, London. Gilgamesh is a really beautiful setting; it’s a pan-asian bar, lounge and restaurant offering a unique Eastern dining experience with a relaxed, contemporary feel. We discussed the future of bars and restaurants in a…

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