Enhance the patient and visitor experience through the digital transformation of your healthcare venue.

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Multilingual capacity

Both our analytics and wayfinding software recognizes the default language of a user’s device to provide a seamless, multilingual experience

Reduce late / missed appointments

Use data captured to automate appointment reminders to patients. Use our wayfinding solution to attached directions so the visitor can navigate from their home all the way through to the doctor's office.

Improve venue accessibility

Create specific points of entry and exits to control the flow of visitors/patients and de-risk contamination. Direct visitors with Purples turn-by-turn wayfinding application.

Inform visitors

Create geofenced zones that automate messages to visitors regarding key information about the current ward or area they are in.

Sanitization reminders

Send staff, patients and visitors reminders as they move around various locations within your healthcare venue to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

Enterprise class WiFi solution

Gain key insights about visitors and patients, outsource WiFi helpdesk issues and guarantee a seamless wifi experience.

All time users 18-19


Case Studies

St George's Healthcare Trust

St George’s Hospital has partnered with Purple and Softcat to install a new guest WiFi network for patients, staff and visitors

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