Wayfinding improves accessibility around your venue for visitors

The use of interactive digital signage, bluedot navigation and web browser wayfinding enables visitors and staff to create a visual cue that will assist them in arriving at their desired location on time, creating a stress-free experience.

Animals use the Earth’s magnetic fields to locate themselves and proximity to destinations, such as birthplaces and feeding grounds. Smartphones have similar sensors that can interpret the magnetic field variations inside modern buildings. Our hybrid approach combines the use of geomagnetic location-based data with your access points, and BLE beacons to support a highly accurate blue dot experience.

Our technology reduces the need for additional infrastructure which translates into less hardware and lower maintenance for your organization. Also, integrate our wayfinding solutions with existing software using our SDKs and APIs, enabling you to connect interactive maps and routes.

Large complex buildings, such as hospitals can prove tricky to navigate at the best of times. Now add in the stress of being on time for appointments and just general patient anxiety for those who just dislike being in that healthcare environment, an effective wayfinding solution can make all the difference to a guest's visit.

Even venues such as stadiums and arenas rely on creating the best possible visitor experience, from both enjoyment and safety perspectives. With more of these large capacity venues being constructed, multi-use, wayfinding, and signage have begun to play a vital role in helping visitors navigate around, discover, and enjoy their experience.

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Benefits of Wayfinding

Allow guests to navigate effortlessly around venues regardless of size or complexity

Connect outdoor maps with our indoor maps to simply guide users from door to door

Create a sense of space with unique branding, allowing guests to enjoy finding their way

Manage content such as, POI, routes and special events all across your venue

Enables users to create digital itineraries from any start point to any destination

Make guest's lives easier with our parking planner for larger venues such as stadiums and shopping malls

Interactive displays can cater for those with hearing impairments

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