WiFi Analytics

Customer analytics for your physical space

Access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics to help you build detailed customer profiles and better understand how customers are behaving within your venue.

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With our cloud software enabled over your existing WiFi network, you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. Similar to website analytics, our platform provides real time customer data and insight including name, age, gender, social interests, contact information, location, footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and much more.

All of the data collected is stored within a centralized, enterprise-class reporting suite, ready for you to analyze and take action.

Build detailed customer profiles with the data collected
Access all of the data from a centralized reporting suite
Easily segment the data to understand your different customer groups
Use the data collected to personalize marketing communications

WiFi Analytics features

Location Analytics

Identify footfall, high dwell areas, popular pathways and more to help optimize your venue

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Understand your customers and analyze venue performance with a range of reports and filters

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Enterprise-Class Analytics

Segment your customer data in over 5,000 different ways to help you identify trends and patterns

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Social Responsibility Dashboard

Manage your venue density score, hygiene rating and NPS score with Purple’s social responsibility dashboard.

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Here’s how our customers use WiFi Analytics

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