Use Cases

Understand who your customers are

Building more detailed customer profiles enables businesses to personalize their marketing campaigns and increase their revenue.

Build more detailed customer profiles

Capture data though a captive WiFi portal

Understand exactly who your customers are

Collect key demographic data and behavioral insight via a captive login portal to help you better understand your customer base and build detailed customer profiles.

A centralized, enterprise-class reporting dashboard means understanding the data collected such as name, date of birth, gender and contact information is quick and simple.

Use custom registration forms to collect the data you want

Collect the data you want

Custom fields help you get the information you need

Custom field log in forms enables you to capture any data you wish, allowing you to ask users the questions you want, enabling you to understand your customers more.

Automate trip advisor reviews

Use reviews to gauge customer interaction

Actively encourage customers to leave reviews

Understand your guest's thoughts and needs within your business using Purple's TripAdvisor connector which automatically prompts reviews from previous vistiors

What do our customers say?

Pizza Express sort to understand who was visiting their venues and substantially grow their customer database. After implementing a social media login experience as part of a branded access journey, together with API integration, the results were of enormous value to Pizza Express.

Purple data records account for over 50% of Pizza Express’ total CRM database with over 1 million emails collected and an attributed value of £5.5m.

“Purple has provided a gateway for us to begin building better customer profiles.”

Paul Davie
Head of CRM at PizzaExpress

Pizza Express Case Study

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