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If the majority of your business wasn’t conducted online prior to the pandemic, I can almost guarantee that now, in some form or another a key part of your business can be found online and that’s why it’s important to protect it.   Unsurprisingly the need for correct cybersecurity personnel and practices has only increased during…

Low-cost solution to occupancy control enabling venues to optimize safety, comply with government guidance and offer visual reassurance to visitors by publicly displaying live occupancy numbers  The solution connects with hardware that many venues already have installed, whether that’s access points or sensors (typically used for security), so offers an effective and low-cost solution The…

purple partner program

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has the privilege of partnering with incredible companies across the globe. More than ever before, businesses want to know exactly who their customers are to deliver an engaging, interactive and personalised experience, and this includes marketing departments, data consultancies and agencies on behalf of their clients as well. Partnerships have…

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