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Tag: Digital transformation

the origins of geomagnetic wayfinding
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The Earth’s geomagnetic field is an invisible force undetectable by humans that surrounds the planet. It is generated by electric currents due to the motion of the molten iron and nickel in Earth’s outer core. This magnetic field protects the planet from harmful radiation bombarding us from the sun and other sources in outer space….

accessibility essentials for rtls header
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Navigating unfamiliar places can be a challenge for everyone, and more so for those with accessibility needs. Finding suitable routes to access a venue, identifying available seating and restrooms, and finding accessible entrances are common challenges faced by millions of people every day.  In addition, many indoor venues are not equipped with appropriate signage to…

challenges of indoor navigation
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The Babylonian World Map is believed to be humanity’s first attempt at depicting the known world. Etched into clay tablets and estimated to date as far back as 600 BC, it depicts Babylon at the center and Earth as a flat disc surrounded by ocean. While popular thinking regarding the flatness of the Earth has…

why big tech is backing purple in a major way
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After a 23-year stint in Silicon Valley – and working across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – Cisco’s former Executive Vice President (EVP), Chris Dedicoat, is back in the UK, where he continues to champion fast-paced technological innovation. So impressed with Purple’s ability to make highly intelligent technology easily accessible and maximize ROI, Chris…

digital transformation in retail omnichannel to unified commerce header
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Prior to, and even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers globally have felt the impacts of shifts in consumer behaviors and subsequently, the profitability of physical venues has become a large issue for the sector. Additionally, ethical expectations from consumers have created a need for businesses to implement ESG Strategies (that focus on environmental,…

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