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Why think when you can sync?

  There have been many claims to suggest that when we give our brain a good workout we can improve cognitive ability and even improve memory. However, with today’s smartphones and access to the internet, we can store everything we need to know in one handset. We wondered whether this means we use our memories…

How important is WiFi in daily life?

If you were asked to rate the following in order of things you wouldn’t be able to live without, where do you think internet/ WiFi would be placed? Family / Friends Coffee and tea Laptop / tablet Bath / shower Car Pet TV Mobile phone Chocolate You might be surprised to find that it was…

If you are reading this then you probably use the internet a fair bit (or perhaps nearly all day, everyday). But, not everyone is as tech savvy as you!  Did you know that some people don’t know the difference between the internet and the WWW? Some even don’t know what WWW stands for. For example,…

The internet is making us smarter

Internet searches and brain patterns It is widely thought that mental stimulation might improve the brain’s ability to function. In a study, Researcher’s Small 2009 and colleagues suggested that simply carrying out internet searches might increase brain functioning too. The researchers looked at a small sample (24 participants) of middle to older aged neurologically normal…

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