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Purple partners with TitanHQ to provide secure Wi-Fi content filtering

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has unveiled its latest partnership with TitanHQ, who is providing secure Wi-Fi content filtering to both new and existing customers worldwide. By partnering with TitanHQ, customers who have opted to include content filtering in their WiFi and analytics package from Purple will have complete peace of mind that over 60,000…

Using public WiFi, security tips and Passpoint

WiFi access is everywhere. And with millions of public WiFi hotspots there’s no excuse for not staying connected. WiFi hotspots are great for when you’re out and about and need to access the internet to reply to your emails, check the train times or simply stream some music. Public WiFi certainly has good points. It’s…

How to Properly Secure Your Smartphone

If you’re like me (and a lot of other people), you keep a lot of your personal information on your smartphone—things such as Social Security numbers for your family, passwords, financial data and more. Obviously this isn’t information you want just anyone to have access to, but it’s incredibly easy for your smartphone to be…

5 interesting uses for location technology

Location based love Proximity based social networking is becoming the norm and there has recently been a shift towards app development to help us to widen our social circles. A summary can be found on this article by vizeum. Notifications about our social connections who are close by at that moment in time can be…

Yippee I’m off on holiday for two weeks, my car is parked on the drive and I’ve just changed my money at my bank (the branch that’s two doors down from my house). My mother’s maiden name is Jones and my first pet was called Floppy! These are just some of the things that we…

We believe WiFi will be used to help transform healthcare.   Since our last article on the subject of WiFi in the healthcare industry, there have been many more interesting blogs circulating the net. so we thought we would write an update. How does WiFi help staff and patients alike? In an article posted by…

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