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Learn how Walmart Canada worked with Purple and Cisco to help deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network to their customers.

Key Results


Are part of the Walmart Canada estate



Were logged on to the WiFi in the first 12 months


Unique users

Took advantage of the optimized guest WiFi provision

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Walmart Canada wanted to provide a brand consistent, high speed guest WiFi experience across its more than 400 venues that guaranteed their customer's privacy. Additionally they wanted a solution that improved the overall experience by seamlessly logging customers in after their first visit without requiring them to review and accept terms and conditions each time.

Compliant with privacy expectations
Optimized user experience
Consistent with brand guidelines
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The Purple solution was successfully installed over 18,900 Cisco access points. Customers can connect instantly from their devices using OneClick, a simple one click solution that grants immediate access to the guest network, without entering any personal details.

Purple’s built-in language functionality also means that in French speaking regions of the country, French login and splash screens are automatically displayed. In all other regions, the language of the user’s device is detected and translated to match; optimizing the user experience.

OneClick login for guests
Seamless login on subsequent visits
Automatically translated in to users language
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Return on Investment

Following the country-wide rollout across the 400 Walmart venues in Canada, more than 7 million unique shoppers have connected to the WiFi provided on more than 100 million occasions.

400 venues
120 million visits
7.2 million unique users

Purple has been a fantastic partner! They are always excited to support our business objectives and quick to respond to any emails/requests we may have enabling us to deliver against our organizational goals.

Matthew Gao
Marketing Manager @ Walmart Canada

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