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Tag: digital wayfinding

the origins of geomagnetic wayfinding
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The Earth’s geomagnetic field is an invisible force undetectable by humans that surrounds the planet. It is generated by electric currents due to the motion of the molten iron and nickel in Earth’s outer core. This magnetic field protects the planet from harmful radiation bombarding us from the sun and other sources in outer space….

accessibility essentials for rtls header
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Navigating unfamiliar places can be a challenge for everyone, and more so for those with accessibility needs. Finding suitable routes to access a venue, identifying available seating and restrooms, and finding accessible entrances are common challenges faced by millions of people every day.  In addition, many indoor venues are not equipped with appropriate signage to…

challenges of indoor navigation
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The Babylonian World Map is believed to be humanity’s first attempt at depicting the known world. Etched into clay tablets and estimated to date as far back as 600 BC, it depicts Babylon at the center and Earth as a flat disc surrounded by ocean. While popular thinking regarding the flatness of the Earth has…

centracare header
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CentraCare has selected Purple as an approved vendor for digital wayfinding at CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital. The collaboration of these two innovative organizations focuses on making patients and visitors feel confident in their ability to find their destination and improving the overall patient experience.  CentraCare is an integrated, not-for-profit health care organization, working to…

indoor location tracking header
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Over the past 10 years, this term and the market have evolved to include a host of indoor location services such as Digital Wayfinding, Asset Tracking, and more relevant than ever Guest WiFi. The exponential growth witnessed has proven there is a real need to understand physical spaces and the visitors in them, just as…

oshner health & purple
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Ochsner Health has selected Purple’s Digital Wayfinding solution to be integrated into their flagship hospital, Ochsner Medical Center, located at 1514 Jefferson Highway in greater New Orleans. The digital wayfinding solution is aimed at improving the overall experience for patients, visitors, and staff. It integrates with the MyOchsner App to provide on-site walking directions.  In…

digital health optimizing patient journey header
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The realization of how important digital solutions are for healthcare venues has caused significant changes to the way hospitals have begun to operate over the past 10 years and with a large number of healthcare providers knowing they must improve the patient experiences, the adoption of technology has allowed healthcare providers to greatly influence patients’…

indoor location services - indoor location technologies - indoor location based services
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Indoor location services allow for the tracking of people and objects within a set space through the combination of hardware and software technologies. This is often done to understand the movement of people and reduce the loss of revenue from lost or stolen assets. The Indoor Location Services market as defined by Gartner – “……

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