Author: Dean Cookson

Travel safe

I’ve written quite a lot recently about how consumer sentiment towards safety and risk has changed more in the past 9 months than it has for the majority of my life. Until recently safety was a given. If you visited a shop or a restaurant you expected to be safe. No one was banging on…

Social distancing is likely here to stay, and although it presents a lot of challenges, it is something businesses will have to adapt to in order to continue operating. Ultimately, successful social distancing within a venue or other public space comes down to volume control, which is why we made this blog to explain how…

Atea join the Purple partner network

Purple has formed a new technology partnership with Atea, Northern Europe’s market leader in IT infrastructure.  Atea are a large IT integrator and transformation specialist with 7,400 employees and 4,000 consultants located in 87 offices. Located in seven countries —Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Atea offers a full range of hardware and…

How much does a CRM record cost and how good is it?

For most businesses, leads, customer data, or CRM records, represent the lifeblood for driving sales. Unless you can get your hands on good information about the people you want to buy your product, regardless of what that product is, how are you ever going to get in contact with them? It’s a tough racket. And…

Purple’s ‘Year of the Partner’ – what does it mean?

2019 is a critical year for Purple and an essential part of our success will come from our global community of over 2,000 partners. Ranging from global service providers to micro IT integrators in small countries, Purple has built a powerful and growing army of re-sellers to work with. The ‘Year of the Partner’ aims…

How to increase app downloads with WiFi analytics

Congratulations! You’ve built a mobile app. You truly love your apps icon, and design, and it works flawlessly on all the devices which you tested it on. There’s only one problem: your app is not being downloaded.   If this is the case, then you’re encountering the same problem that many companies encounter after their…

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