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Leading real estate company partner with Purple and Coverage Points

Leading commercial real estate company, Alandalus Property, have partnered with Coverage Points and Purple to install an advanced WiFi network at two of their popular shopping destinations in Saudi Arabia. The 3-year deal will see Alandalus Property fund the provision of a Purple-powered guest WiFi and analytics solution at both Hayat Mall and Alandalus Mall….

Walmart Canada elevate the in-store customer experience with Purple WiFi

Purple is excited to work with Walmart Canada to help deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network to Walmart Canada’s customers across more than 400 stores.   Through Purple’s network, Walmart Canada can provide its customers with privacy guarantees, whilst allowing access to a high-speed connection during their shopping visits to Walmart stores….

How can I collect more customer reviews?

When two in every three people read reviews before making a purchase, there is a definite call to action for businesses to take an active role in collecting more customer reviews. The higher your rating, the more likely your business will feature in web searches, in-app suggestions, and even top-rated shortlists in your area. The…

Six ways to hyper-personalize

Consumers are exposed to an average of 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. From watching television to surfing the internet on a smartphone, consumers are bombarded with tons of messaging throughout the day. As a result, marketers have to figure out how they can differentiate themselves. Much of this can be done through personalization. According…

Black-friday closing the gap between online and offline data

Are you capturing customer data from your physical spaces? If not, you could be missing a trick. With the rise of online sales and convenience buying, offline seems to have taken a back seat, with businesses now focusing solely on collecting customer data from the online space. The problem… …offline still accounts for a huge…

Shifting retail’s focus from e-commerce to an inclusive Customer Algorithm

E-commerce took off in the early 2000’s and created a buzz around 24-hour shopping, but it’s also heavily skewed retail marketing to rely on online insights to generate sales. In 2018, this focus is making a colossal shift back to a more balanced, in-depth ratio of offline to online consumer insights. Offline insights are similar…

Why brick and mortor store are key to world domination

You may have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about the ‘customer algorithm’ recently. It’s a term that we have coined off the back of Alibaba’s ‘new retail’ strategy – one that aims to merge the online and offline worlds of data capture. It’s all about combining data from multiple sources, to really get to…

Local Measure

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, and Local Measure, local customer intelligence experts, unveil the Local Measure Connector at Cisco Live ANZ. The Connector provides businesses across retail, hospitality, stadiums and entertainment and other industries, with a holistic approach to customer engagement. The two global tech companies have been collaborating within the Cisco and Cisco Meraki…

Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, used the term ‘new retail’ in 2016 to describe a future that would blend online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain. The strategy aims to establish the business as a consumption solution provider, leveraging big data to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences. And we haven’t had to wait long…

Purple retail WiFi

Stomachs have barely settled from Thanksgiving dinner before Black Friday madness kicks off on the fourth Friday of November each year. Consumers line up Thursday night and in the early hours to get their hands on discounted TVs, clothing, gadgets and Christmas gifts battling thousands of other consumers literally diving into the day. Retail market…

The history of online shopping

eCommerce sales for 2021 are expected to exceed $4.9trillion USD! The ability to go online and purchase what we want or need within a minutes is something that the world has become strangely acustom to, and is certainly something that over time will become even more integrated. Check out these important steps taken to drive…

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