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Parque Arauco improve the in-store experience with WiFi analytics

Parque Arauco, one of the largest shopping mall operators in South America, have partnered with Purple to install an advanced guest WiFi network in a number of shopping centers across Chile, Peru and Columbia. The new network allows Parque Arauco to deliver an exceptional guest WiFi experience with custom splash screens and social login, whilst…

Identifying customers with WiFi analytics

John, aged 23, from Manchester. He’s a repeat customer. His last visit was on 10/02/2019, and he has an average dwell time of 30 minutes. Capturing customer data online is something that we are very good at. We know how many people visit our website, how much time they spend on-site, their demographics, whether they…


Hamburger giant, McDonald’s, has begun its next course of digital transformation having rolled out WiFi analytics across its sites in Belgium as part of a three-year contract with Purple, Cisco Meraki and Socialspot. McDonald’s Belgium is using intelligent, hyper-targeted marketing features in the Purple platform to deliver radically new digital strategies in personalized communication, promotions…

You know that box that you switch off and back on again when your WiFi starts playing up at home… well that’s not an AP, that’s a router. An AP, otherwise known as an access point, connects to that box allowing you to extend the range of your WiFi to a particular location. Let’s imagine…

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