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How Do WiFi Extenders Work? Our Back-to-Basics Guide to Better WiFi

Nowadays, WiFi is more than just a convenient way to connect to the internet – it’s an essential tool that we use to remain productive, efficient, and connected.  With the rise of advanced wearable tech, smart appliances/machinery, and other WiFi-enabled devices, easy-access WiFi has become a staple, and we’ve dramatically hiked up our standards around…

Purple is now live at the holy burial site of King David

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, is connecting those who visit King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem following the installation of its WiFi and analytics solution by Boot Net Ltd, a Certified Purple Partner. King David’s Tomb is the burial place of the biblical King of Israel, and is also believed by many to be the place…

802.1x authentication

As we bring more and more devices join public WiFi networks, concerns around security and user authentication continue to dominate the conversation. This is especially true when debating the appropriate security protocols for large-scale, guest WiFi networks that onload hundreds, thousands or even millions of users a day. Without the necessary security measures in place,…

Feature announcement: The Salesforce Connector is Here

Following our  Micro Surveys feature release, we are pleased to announce that we have integrated another new feature into the Purple Portal – say hello to the Salesforce Connector! The Salesforce Connector allows you to match your Portal visitor records against your Salesforce data, giving you an enhanced understanding of who is coming into your venues….

Purple and Cisco to get Manchester moving thanks to a grant from InnovateUK

Intelligent spaces company, Purple, announces today that it is part of a team that has won a contract to design and implement a data-led smart transportation platform for the Greater Manchester City Region. Purple is teaming up with Cisco, the worldwide technology leader, and a number of other technology innovation partners to deliver the proof…

IQ WiFi to widen Purple’s footprint across MENA region

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, today announced that IQ WIFI has become Purple’s strategic distributor in the MENA Region, with exclusivity in key countries, to generate further business through the channel. IQ WiFi, based in Dubai, originally became a partner back in 2015 having identified Purple as the clear market leader for WiFi analytics, particularly…

In-Store WiFi: Are you using it to it’s full potential?

Every day, millions of us use our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearable technology to connect to public WiFi access points (WAP). Ultimately, we expect to be connected wherever we go, and rely on established venues like shopping malls, department stores, and chain stores to provide us with reliable and secure in-store WiFi. With so many…

Purple ticks all the boxes for SMG, the world leader in venue management

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, and Insource Technology have installed WiFi and location analytics at the Irving Convention Center operated by SMG, the world leader in venue management. The Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, Texas, is using Ruckus hardware and Purple to deliver guest WiFi whilst collecting visitor data, monitoring movement and tracking footfall….

Monetizing WiFi (monetising for the Brits) is a rapidly changing landscape. It also has to be looked at from two perspectives, one from the venue where the WiFi is available and the other from the operator who is providing the WiFi service. It wasn’t very long ago that wherever you saw public WiFi you could…

A captive portal is a web or splash page displayed before users can authenticate onto WiFi using a desktop computer or mobile device. Often, captive portals display as login interfaces for guest WiFi connections, like those you find in restaurants, cafes, airport lounges, and hotel business centers. When using a Captive Portal, customers simply log…

The History of WiFi

Since its inception, WiFi has played an integral role in keeping us connected at home and in public. We’ve come to expect a standard degree of connectivity wherever we go and regularly rely on WiFi to maintain our productivity, our organization, our health, and even our protection. Recent advances in WiFi technology have greatly contributed…

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