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KITAG Cinemas case study

KITAG Cinemas is the largest cinema operator in german speaking Switzerland, with over 17,000 seats at 85 venues. The cinema chain has teamed up with Disney, Purple and Vision-Inside AG, a fully Certified Purple Partner, to deliver high speed connectivity to its customers whilst also collecting demographic data about every unique WiFi user. Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution was deployed by Vision-Inside AG using Zyxel hardware and the data is being used to improve visitor engagement and generate profit.


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The Challenge

The Swiss cinema chain prides itself on setting the highest of standards in the industry and the firm was keen to explore new technologies to help improve the customer experience. The 3G and 4G carrier network inside many of their buildings was often patchy and inadequate, so the team believed that introducing free guest WiFi could significantly improve the overall cinema experience.

KITAG also realised that they couldn’t effectively reach out to those who frequently visited their theatres. In reaction to this they sought a solution that would allow them to easily collect visitor details and update them with relevant film information plus offers on tickets, food and drinks.

Purple's Casting Call

Vision-Inside AG, a managed service provider based in Wetzikon, introduced KITAG Cinemas to Purple and set up a product demo to showcase how the solution captures customer details, including their email address, name, age, gender and even frequency of visits, all whilst delivering high speed connectivity to its users.

A contract was signed with the cinema group in late 2016 and the solution was successfully deployed in Emmenbrücke, one of KITAG’s key locations, by Vision-Inside AG. The cinema now has a fully branded splash page, allowing visitors to access the network via a short form of through using their social media profiles.

The splash page also features Disney branding due to the fact that the WiFi is sponsored by the global film brand. Through Disney sponsoring the WiFi, it means that everyone who accesses the network is redirected to a specific page on KITAG’s website that only features Disney content, including the latest Disney film news, releases and competitions.

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Rave Reviews

Since Purple’s solution went live, KITAG Cinemas has collected almost 10,000 lines of active customer data, which is regularly exported into their CRM database. The portal has identified that 68% of WiFi users access the network via the registration form and the majority of users are aged 18 years and younger. Through identifying their target audience, KITAG can tailor the login screen, website redirect page and email campaigns to feature content that is more suited to this age range.

The WiFi service has so far received positive feedback from customers, especially from those who download their cinema tickets from using the WiFi. The service has also enabled KITAG to promote their brand-new APP which launched in February 2017 and is available in German, English and French. The App is promoted on the WiFi landing page when customer log in and it allows users to download it to purchase tickets, check screening times and learn about the latest releases and trailers.

The CRM data that is collected via the Purple portal is exported and used to distribute their weekly newsletter plus updates about special events, offers on refreshments and discounted tickets. The firms marketing team can also monitor the level of social interaction on the Facebook page for KITAG Cinemas Maxx in Emmenbrücke. The page has seen a 25% increase in the quantity of ‘likes’ since the solution was activated and over 18,000 page impressions.

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