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Mad Mex case study

Mad Mex, founded in 2007, is a Mexican food chain serving fresh, made to order, Baja-Mexican food. The food chain has over 70 restaurants across Australia and New Zealand and is renowned for combining the authentic flavours and spices of Mexico with the health-conscious cuisine of California.

With large volumes of customers visiting the restaurants each day, Mad Mex were looking for a solution that would help them take their service to the next level by using WiFi to collect customer data and personalize their engagement with customers. Through the installation of WiFi analytics, Mad Mex have seen on average a 7.14 percent increase in customer retention per month.


Average monthly increase in customer retention


Records collected in the first six months


Of customers login to the WiFi via Facebook

The Challenge

The out-of-the-box analytics solution offered by Ubiquiti that Mad Mex were using had limited reporting and dashboard functionality, this made it increasingly difficult to analyze the data collected on customers. And while the product worked well for a single restaurant location, Mad Mex found it was becoming tedious to run reports that collected data on customers from multiple locations.

These limitations meant that Mad Mex weren’t able to easily identify the key statistics they needed to begin personalizing their marketing communications. The restaurant chain therefore decided to review other WiFi analytics options. A quick Google search landed Mad Mex on Purple’s website and after an initial discussion, Mad Mex were happy that Purple met a number of their business requirements.

Ronan Alonzo, IT Manager for Mad Mex, said: “From our initial engagement with Purple, we confirmed that the product met a number of our requirements. We were keen to implement a scalable solution that mirrored our business growth and that would integrate well with our existing infrastructure. We were also looking for a solution that had a centralized reporting platform and API access so we could integrate the data collected with our own CRM.”


Having completed a national WiFi infrastructure upgrade across their restaurants in mid 2016, Mad Mex wanted an analytics solution that could be installed and configured quickly and that would integrate with their new network.

In November 2016, Purple was successfully installed across approximately 50 Ubiquiti access points in over 50 restaurant locations across Australia.

Through installing the Purple solution, Mad Mex hoped to deliver exceptional and secure guest WiFi to enhance the customer experience, whilst also collecting valuable demographic data to support marketing campaigns and personalize communications.

The Purple solution significantly enhanced what Mad Mex already had in place; providing a seamless and effective means of gathering and analyzing customer data. Quickly after installation, Mad Mex were able to see that their most popular location was Sydney, that the most popular age range of customers was 18-24, and much more.

Alonzo said: “Purple’s dashboards, data visualization and reporting tools allow us to understand the data we have collected and identify key customer demographics. The solution will bridge the gap between our customers and our ability to reach out to those customers on a more personal level.

“We only collect information that has been made public by our customers through the social media login option. If the customer wishes not to provide their personal data and use an alternative login method, we provide a simple form that asks customers to register with us using their email address. Giving customers the option to share their details was an important factor for us, but through this alternative login method we are still able to collect basic details from our customers.”

Alonzo continues: “Initially, we were very surprised by the number of customers that were happy to provide their personal details when logging into the WiFi. In the last 12 months, close to 22,000 people have connected, 58% of which logged in via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

“Our CRM is near the final stages of being built, and it’s great to know that the data is there and ready to be used by the marketing team to personalize our communications, relevant to each of our customer groups.”

Through personalizing their marketing, Mad Mex hope to encourage repeat visits, increase the number of customers signing up to their loyalty program, and increase their social following to elevate brand awareness.

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Purple has allowed Mad Mex to deliver a quick and secure WiFi connection across a number of their restaurants, whilst also providing the tools they need to leverage the data collected to personalize their interaction with customers. Alonzo commented: “This foundation is critical to earn our customers’ trust and paves the way for future enhancements such as driving increased footfall and additional analytics.”

Since the installation, Mad Mex have seen over 25,000 customers connect to the WiFi. Over the past 12 months, Mad Mex have also seen a steady increase in the number of returning customers to their restaurants. When we compared the number of return visits, month on month, between January 2017 and January 2018, we saw that on average the number of return visits increased by 7.14 percent.

Commenting on the solution, Alonzo said: “Purple has provided a platform that has helped us achieve our goal of elevating the customer experience. Not only do customers have access to a strong WiFi network throughout our restaurants, but with the customer data we have collected, we will be able to begin personalizing our interaction with new and returning guests.

“I see a promising future with Purple and I am excited to collaborate on future projects to build on what is already a robust, secure, and valuable solution to guest WiFi.”

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